Our cinematic journey begins! [100 subscribers]

Did I ever think about having 100 subscribers? You could read this post to learn how this idea started.

I was at school back then, thinking about doing something that is my own. You see, I had problems with going to school. It all started at a primary school. Frankly, it's hard to work with old memories. I guess I was afraid of people. Years have passed. I was tired of following the road, so I found my path.

It was December 2017. By then I had several videos on my JourneyMotives channel and the name was Explorers of Time. My goal was to create some gaming videos. Believe it or not, I recorded some Minecraft videos years before. So I used my private account and searched for a game to record.

The game was Hitman Codename 47. I didn't want to create another gameplay video. I found out that using cheats I could free the camera. I extracted all audio files and found out that there is a lot that has never been used. So I created the first episode and guess what? The next day at school I got a discouraging dialogue with my friend. So why I kept creating those videos? Because I believed someday one person will find it interesting.

I finished the first Hitman game and created one long video which is available today. And a half year later I got a comment from that one person. Was I thinking about 100 subscribers? No, I wasn't. All I cared about was that person. So I created Hitman 2 series and now Hitman 4 is ready as well.

And I will keep doing that. I'm going to celebrate milestones to do something new, to get out of my comfort zone. There is no way to make all people happy so I focus on you. You give a damn and are reading this right now.

So milestones, there will be giveaways and maybe even we'll get a chance to create another movie together?

Published on 8 March 2020