8 May 2020

Cinematic Movie - Hitman: Blood Money - The Complete Movie, All Cutscenes, Storyline

This video contains all cutscenes + cinematic gameplay of Hitman: Blood Money as a full-length movie. All cutscenes included, all story elements combined

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19 April 2020

Fan-Made Trailer - Hitman Blood Money - The Cinematic Movie

This is a Fan-Made trailer of Hitman: Blood Money - Cinematic Movie featuring free camera shots.

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8 March 2020

Our cinematic journey begins! [100 subscribers]

Did I ever think about having 100 subscribers? You could read this post to learn how this idea started.

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16 November 2018

Max Payne 1 - The Cinematic Movie

This video of Max Payne 1 contains all cutscenes + cinematic gameplay. Enjoy!

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2 August 2018

Hitman Silent Assassin - The Cinematic Movie

The movie contains all missions with all cutscenes created in a cinematic way. Enjoy the second Hitman game!

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25 December 2017

Hitman Codename 47 - The Cinematic Movie

This cinematic movie contains all story-line missions, unused dialogues, all cutscenes and cinematic gameplay. Enjoy the first Hitman game!

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